Welcome to Exceptional Building Inspections website and congratulations on selecting the house to become your future home.

“I would like to let you know, that thanks to such a comprehensive report, that you saved me 10, 000 on the price of the house!”  Thanks  Clare

Did you know?

That 35% of all  properties inspected are found to have defects.

Many of these defects are expensive to fix (tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars).

Exceptional Building Inspections takes pride in providing you with “the protection” and “the peace of mind” you deserve.

We spend 2-3 hours investigating defects in an average house unlike our competitors (1 hour or less).

The time spent inspecting a property is the most important ingredient in the inspection and reporting process.

Rushing the inspections to cover 3-6 inspections a day (a common practice in the industry) can only result in defects going undetected and therefore not being reported (at who’s expense?).

We ensure a thorough inspection where defects are identified because the inspection is not rushed.

Building Inspection Companies (unlike us)  are reluctant to report the actual time spent at the property because of their limited inspection.

The highest number (and most costly) insurance claims are  a direct  result of missed defects  not being reported because inspectors are not taking the time to inspect properly.

Exceptional Building Inspections understands the importance of time spent at the property carrying out a thorough inspection.

So let    “Our Inspection be Your Protection”