10 Things You Should Know About Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Performing a pre-purchase building inspection may be a bit inconvenient for those who are eager to buy a new home. But trust us when we say that you’ll be thankful in the future for all the hassle. Checking the condition of the property beforehand will help you prevent problems and avoid additional expenses down the road. The following information gives a rundown of what you need to know about pre-purchase building inspection.

1. What is a pre-purchase building inspection report?

This report lists the significant problems or defects seen on a building, such as cracking in the walls, rising damp, faulty roof, or safety hazards. This only includes visual damage.

2. How do you choose the right person to do the inspection?

10 Things You Should Know About Pre-Purchase Building Inspection - building inspection

Only a qualified person such as a surveyor, architect, or licensed builder is allowed to perform pre-purchase building inspection. They know what to look for. They have a keen eye to detect cosmetic improvements or any attempt to cover up faults.  They will also make sure that the content and format of the report is compliant to the Australian Standard (AS) 4349.1. The inspector should also have insurance, specifically for professional indemnity in case they commit an error in the report findings.

3. What is the cost of a pre-purchase building inspection?

Experts estimate that an inspection of a regular 4-bedroom house will cost $400 to $500 in a regional location. On the other hand, inspections may cost $800 to $1000 in a metropolitan area. Additional charges may be given for the building certificate or pest inspection.

4. What are the contents of the inspection report?

10 Things You Should Know About Pre-Purchase Building Inspection - building inspection

The details and format of the report depend on the type, size, age, and condition of the property. The process of reporting used by the inspector will also come into play. Photographs can be included. The contents will only consist of visual inspection of all accessible areas of the building including: interior, exterior, under-floor space, roof space, and roof exterior.

5. What isn’t part of the report?

The pre-purchase building inspection report doesn’t include:

  • Sections of the building that were not or could not be inspected
  • Matters that are beyond the expertise of the inspector
  • Estimation of repair costs
  • Minor defects
  • Detection of pests

6. How long does the inspection last?

Most inspectors will need at least 2 to 3 days prior notice in order to perform the inspection. Permission to do the inspection should be obtained during the early stages of negotiation. This gives you enough time to decide if the property is really worth your money.

7. What happens during the cool-off period?

The cool-off period of 5 working days starts after exchanging contracts. You can opt out of the contract during this time provided that you give written notice. If you request an inspection during this period, make sure that the inspector is informed ahead of time. A letter should be given to the agent or vendor should you decide to withdraw from the contract.

8. What if I receive an unsatisfactory inspection report?

If you are not happy with any part of the report, first try resolving the problem with the consultant or their company. If, upon purchasing the property you discovered defects that were not included in the report, legal advice should be obtained.

9. What factors could affect the quality of the report?

  • Defects that are hard to detect because of weather and other conditions such as leaks and rising damp
  • Information given to the consultant
  • Area of expertise of the consultant
  • Attempts to cover up any defect

10. What should you do after the building inspection?

Go over the report and make sure that you completely understand it. Consult the inspector for any clarifications. List down the defects that worries you, if any. Take into account the age of the property. Identify which ones you are willing to accept and which ones should be quoted for repair. There may be a need for renegotiation with the builder.

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