How Councils Can Benefit from a Dilapidation Inspection

December 1, 2021 Uncategorised

The Taylor couple had a swimming pool constructed in their yard; they were happy with this addition in their property. Days later, the Council informed them of potholes that had formed on the road and other damage due to the heavy machinery used for excavation and construction. The Taylors, however, maintained that the potholes were […]

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Why You Need a Dilapidation Report

June 19, 2020 Uncategorised

One of the characteristics of a thriving neighbourhood is the construction of new property, including high-rise developments and infrastructure projects. Demolition and excavation work requires a lot of heavy machinery and equipment that can cause some serious damage to the worksite. This might result in the alteration of existing terrain and the removal of soil, […]

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Does an Apartment Condo Need an Inspection?

September 3, 2017 Uncategorised

Without a doubt, a property is a big investment that impacts your entire life. Whether buying the apartment or simply renting the condominium, you are spending your hard-earned money on a place to live. Your home is more than simply a place to sleep and store your belongings. It is your sanctuary, the place where […]

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