Here at Exceptional Building Inspections, we believe in the need for safety and security in residential, commercial and industrial spaces. That only comes with thorough preparation and quality inspection.

EBI provides a variety of services that can help you feel confident about the safety of your home or building property. With our strict adherence to standards and attention to detail, you can expect a thorough report on potential threats, weaknesses and areas of non-compliance.

With our independent and objective assessment, Exceptional Building Inspections can help meet your inspection needs. We serve the following customers in NSW:

  • Home and property owners
  • Property buyers and sellers
  • Vendors
  • Councils
  • Property investors and managers
  • Commercial clients
  • Facility managers


Our team at EBI believes that every building and facility should stand strong for the safety of its inhabitants. Contact us:

  • To identify safety hazards
  • To identify major and minor defects
  • To assess property prior to buying or selling
  • To plan for maintenance and repairs
  • To account for faults in the budget
  • To assess for liability disputes (e.g. in cases of dilapidation)
  • To know compliance with Australian standards (e.g. for swimming pools)

Exceptional Building Inspections want to strengthen your confidence in your current or prospective home.


When you rush an inspection, you tend to miss out on the little details which can cause you large headaches. Through our thorough and paced inspection, we give you the best value for the time spent. EBI understands the importance of time and safety.

When it comes to your concerns, we’ll respond in no time! Contact us today to begin resolving your building inspection concerns. Email us at or call us at 02 4950 4197 and 0412 188 199.

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Toronto NSW 2283
Phone: 02 4950 4197
Mobile: 0412 188 199

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