Dealing with and Resolving Building Disputes

There are many things that can go wrong when planning and executing a building project. Inevitably, one of these problems is disputes. This includes issues like bad contracts, unsatisfactory work, neglect, and delays. There are ways in which you can avoid disputes with your builder, such as choosing professional and trusted building practitioners and communicating with them constantly about the project. However, some problems may still arise due to misunderstandings between both parties.

5 of the best ways to resolve building disputes

When dealing with building disputes, both parties are stressed, frustrated, and aggravated in the process. When it comes to dealing with and resolving building disputes, certain measures must be taken to arrive at a desirable result. Here are some of your options when you encounter building disputes.

  • Try to resolve the dispute with the other party

Communication is one of the surest ways to arrive at an agreement on anything. When it comes to building disputes, the first thing that both parties need to do is to talk to each other and try to settle the matter on their own. Talk to your builder about your problem and tell the mall the details in the clearest and most straight forward manner. Try to arrive at a resolution. Sometimes, all it takes is communication between the parties involved to solve the situation.

  • Send a letter of complaint

If talking with your builder does not resolve the problem, you have the option to send them a letter. Put into writing everything you have talked about. Include the date when you had your meeting. You must also include all the details regarding your complaint and the actions that you have agreed upon.

  • Contact a building inspection company

If talking to your builder personally or sending them a letter does not solve your problem, your next step would be to contact a building inspection company. A building inspection company consists of professional inspectors who are qualified to evaluate if a building has met the building codes, specifications, and local ordinances.

An inspector from a reputable building inspection company can inspect and do a survey of your building. They can help you come up with a report about the details and specifics of your complaint. A professional inspector can give you ways in which your problems can be resolved. An inspector can also act as a mediator by arranging a meeting between the two parties to come up with a resolution.

  • Contact the Office of Fair Trading

The Office of Fair Trading provides assistance and advice to consumers regarding their rights. If all the measures have been taken and both parties still have not reached an agreement, the next option is to contact the Office of Fair Trading. Both parties must agree to contact Fair Trading to come up with a resolution. Fair Trading can help discuss the case, negotiate, and come up with possible solutions.

  • Send an application to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

If, after corresponding with the Office of Fair Trading, you still have not reached an agreement, you can send your application to the Administrative Tribunal. The tribunal can deal with cases that disputes regarding the building contract. Check out the website of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal regarding the guidelines and the steps on how to file a complaint to the tribunal.

You need a trusted inspections company like Exceptional Building Inspections to help you by performing a thorough inspection of your property. When dealing and resolving building disputes, you need the professional assistance and advice of an expert building inspector.