How Building Inspections Can Help Mitigate the Risk of Catastrophe

Learn how a timely building inspection can contribute to your safety

Buying an existing structure or building one from scratch can be nerve-wracking and previously owned dwellings can come with existing problems that can lead to potentially catastrophic damage – even newly built homes are not exempt from structural problems. Contractors and builders can commit mistakes that can lead to serious problems in the building and pose risks to its occupants.

So, what’s the best thing to do before moving in or signing that contract for that new home in Newcastle? Contact a trusted and reputable building inspector such as Exceptional Building Inspections, to ensure everything is in top shape. A licensed and experienced building inspector will be able to accurately identify structural problems before they become catastrophic.

Avoidable catastrophes

Avoidable catastrophes

Choosing the right building inspector can help you avoid catastrophic problems which can result in the loss of property and even life. In addition, investing in a reputable building inspector can help ensure that the house is safe and secure and will last for more years to come. Some catastrophes that an inspection can mitigate the risk of are:

  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Structural damage and collapse
  • Theft and burglary
  • An attack on the home
  • Accidents, such as trips and falls.
Defects identified in a home inspection

Defects identified in a home inspection

The issues that you may encounter with a newly purchased house can vary. However, here are the most common defects that building inspections can uncover:

  • Roof issues
  • Problems with the flooring
  • Faulty doors
  • Poor to no insulation
  • Defective electrical wirings
  • Damaged windows
  • Wall cracks.

Roof issues

The roof is the house’s first defence against harsh weather elements. It is exposed all year round to extreme heat and heavy rain. Moreover, the Australian climate is not the friendliest in the world and can significantly impact even a well-built roof over the years.

Roofing damage can include missing and broken roof tiles, ponding water, damaged gutters and downpipes, and weakened framing. The buyer must be aware of any potential issues with the roof. Problems with the roofing, if left undetected, can lead to moisture damage which can also affect the rest of the house.

Problems with flooring

Houses with wooden floors are more likely to have this issue. Wooden floors that are not treated and maintained properly and regularly will weaken and deteriorate over time. This can lead to uneven and unsafe floors, causing tripping accidents.

Wooden materials are affected by changes in temperature. They tend to expand and contract as the surroundings heat up and cools down. Wooden floors can also be damaged by moisture and termites.

It takes an expert to see the true extent of flooring damage. The building inspector will check every floorboard and wood underneath. If there are signs of creaking floors during the initial visit to the property, then a building inspection must definitely be in order.

Faulty doors

A working door is important in your sense of security and privacy. However, like the roofing, external doors are also exposed to the weather. Depending on the structure of the house, its external doors may be beaten by the harsh rays of the sun or torrential rain and even hail. This constant exposure to changing seasons can weaken or damage a door.

It is crucial to identify doors with defective hinges or are squeaky or difficult to open and close completely. Doors are one of the first things visitors will see in a house. Therefore, the condition and appearance of the front door say a lot about the rest of the house.

But more than the overall curb appeal of the house, the front door is the first entry point for people with dangerous intentions. A poorly working door will put the house and its occupants at high risk.

Poor to no insulation

While insulation pertains more to your in-home comfort, it will also affect the energy consumption of the household. If problems with the insulation cannot be identified and fixed, the new homeowners will soon face a costly electricity bill and uncomfortable winter nights.

Another reason to have the insulation and cladding of the property checked is that some are not made according to safety standards. The government bans the use of combustible cladding and insulation such as rendered expanded polystyrene and aluminium composite panels. These fire hazards can void a house insurance policy since the use of these materials is against the law. Of course, these materials put the house and its occupants at risk.

Defective electrical wiring

Another fire hazard that must be addressed before the homeowners settle is defective electrical wiring and installations. Faulty electrical wires are among the common causes of fires in all types of properties.

Faulty wiring can be due to damage incurred over time, like cracked insulation, or an error on the part of the electrician. It also puts the occupants at risk of electrocution if not fixed immediately.

Damaged windows

Like the doors, windows are also another entry point into the house. However, windows are often overlooked. Windows protect the house and provide the household with ventilation and light. They also help regulate the temperature inside the house, making it comfortable and healthy for everyone.

Faulty window installations can cause discomfort, however, especially during the colder winter months. Faults can also let warm air escape, making the heating system work overtime which can result in higher energy bills, rendering the home’s heating inefficient.

Windows that cannot close completely are also a security threat. Intruders and burglars who would identify these weak points can take advantage of them to gain entry into the property.

Wall cracks

It is fairly easy to hide wall cracks behind wallpapers, furniture, and decors. Cracks can appear due to earthquakes or a fault in the construction process. A thorough building inspection can help uncover these problems that may be hidden from plain sight.

Choose Exceptional Building Inspections for your home inspection needs in Newcastle

Choose Exceptional Building Inspections for your home inspection needs in Newcastle

Are you buying your dream home soon? Make sure that everything in it is safe and as sound as it seems with a reliable and careful building inspection. An inspection helps you get the most out of your hard-earned money and protects you and your family. Contact Exceptional Building Inspections by emailing or by calling (02)49504197 or 0412188199, and let us discuss how we can assist you.