How does Pre Purchase Inspection work?

It could be the home you’re looking to bring up your family in. It could be the place you’re looking to fix up and flip. Maybe it’s an investment and you don’t want any hassles arising for you or your tenants. The search for the right property for you can be the most stressful part of the journey. After putting in all the work it’s time to find out if the first impression is matched by reality. After pouring so much effort into the search, letting your heart rule your head is an easy and sometimes costly trap to fall into. Problems may be just around the corner, hidden from the untrained eye. That’s where a pre purchase inspection Exceptional Building Inspections comes in. A trained, experienced assessor inspects your prospective purchase and gives you all the information you need to negotiate a fair sale price and be fully cognisant of any present or future issues to attend to. But how does it work? What will an inspector be looking for? How is this information conveyed to you? Read below to find out more.

What is the purpose of a pre purchase inspection

What is the purpose of a pre purchase inspection?

A building inspection report is a written account of the condition of a property, which allows you to be aware of what you’re dealing with prior to exchanging sale contracts for the property. It protects you from making an unwise purchase.

The buyer is able to make an educated decision about whether or not to purchase the property based on the findings of the pre-purchase inspection reports.

In an ideal world, obtaining these reports would be a prerequisite to purchasing a home. This is especially true when you take into account the fact that certain problems, such as structural problems, could prompt you to make a different offer to the seller in a scenario in which you are responsible for paying your own costs.

What is the inspector looking for

What is the inspector looking for?

Generally speaking, a pre purchase inspection is focussed on the major issues. If you’ve been through the place, you don’t need an expert to tell you about the frayed carpet or the slight discolouration in the grout of the laundry tiles where the washing machine goes, you’ve seen that for yourself. The inspector is looking for major issues that could lead to major costs being incurred by you as the new owner. To that end, the first issue your inspector will consider will be anything structural. Your potential new property will be assessed in accordance with the Building Codes and Standards of Australia, as well as any relevant local planning rules. From there, the focus will turn to the need for repairs. Any defects and safety issues will be identified and you’ll be notified. You’ll be able to make an informed decision, do you negotiate a lower sale price and take on the responsibility of repairs that you will be able to carry out to your own exacting standards? Or do you place the onus upon the vendor to make the necessary repairs to get the sale across the line. Electrical wiring will be checked, and smoke alarms tested so your mind will be at ease about any potential fire or electrocution risk. The exterior of your roof of is assessed for any visible damage. Roof problems can lead to serious structural and mould problems, early identification is key. External structures like stand alone garages, carports, sheds and patios will all be given the once over and any defects will be reported along with compliance to local planning rules.

Exceptional Building Inspections carry out all of their inspections in accordance with  Australian Standard AS 4349.1-2007. Along with the areas listed above you’ll also be given information about roof and sub floor spaces and the property within thirty metres of the main building.

What will my report look like

What will my report look like?

A pre purchase report from Exceptional Building Inspections is tailored to your property. It’s not unusual for larger inspection firms to use a rigid reporting template to allow them to make the maximum number of inspections per day. EBI deliver a report entirely related to your property.  The information you need will be delivered clearly and concisely and supported by photographic evidence. Armed with this knowledge you can have complete confidence that your next move, whether it’s to proceed or to decline, will be the right one.

“Our inspection is your protection”

“Our inspection is your protection”

Choosing a pre purchase inspection from Exceptional Building Inspections means you can rest easy in the knowledge your prospective purchase is being checked by someone with more than thirty years experience in the building and construction game. That knowledge can put you in the box seat to make the correct investment decision in what will likely be your biggest investment ever. For any property in the Newcastle, Central Coast, Greater Hunter or lakes region, Exceptional Building Inspections are the firm you can trust. For all your inspection needs speak to them today. Use the handy contact form from their website here, call them on  02 4190 4157 or email the experts at