How Long Do Inspections Last?

A building inspection is conducted by a building inspector to see if a structure is free from defects and is safe to be occupied. A building inspector provides a report on the physical condition of a building. This report is useful for evaluating if a structure is in good condition or if it needs repairs. It is also necessary in settling building disputes and for making sure that a building is complying with building codes and regulations.

Home and property owners can benefit greatly from building inspections. An inspector has the proper training and knowledge to identify existing problems and conditions that can help in decision making. An effective building inspection can be beneficial in minimising future problems and avoiding future disputes.

Key to effective building inspections

For a building inspection to be effective, an inspector must be able to see if the construction is complying with the plan and the building code requirements. They must also be able to identify defects on the property and approve if the structure is safe to be sold or occupied. The areas that must be inspected include the exterior and interior of the building, the under-floor space, the roof, and the site around the building.

For a building inspection to be effective, inspectors must be fully capable and licensed. They must know all the necessary things to look for and must be meticulous in carrying out the inspection. The inspector must also follow the Australian Standard 4349, which states the minimum requirements for inspecting buildings. The inspector must be able to state the problems or defects that they has identified, and analyse these problems to come up with remedies.

An inspector must be able to provide an inspection report with a concise explanation of all the complaints. Subsequently, the report must also contain the precise description and state of the problem as the inspector has seen it. It must also state the exact location of the defect.

After stating the defects and problems, the inspector must state what exactly the defect is non-compliant with, and then state the remedies and solutions to the problem. However, an inspection report does not include termite detection, minor defects, estimate of repair costs, or parts of the property that were not inspected.

How long does it take to complete a building inspection?

When it comes to the ideal time a building inspection must last, it differs depending on the type of building or home. An effective inspection requires not only the expertise and knowledge of professional inspectors but also a significant amount of time to thoroughly inspect everything.

There are many factors that affect how long a good inspection will last. The common factor to consider is the size of the property. Another factor to consider is how old the structure is and what condition it is in. It also matters how many, and how complicated, home systems there are and the accessibility to the different areas of the structure.

A good and thorough inspection must include all areas of the building. Inspectors must use their time wisely to properly look at all the areas of the property. Inspection for a normal sized property will take around 2 to 3 hours. This is an ample amount of time to properly and thoroughly identify defects and problems. If there are problems, such some areas being inaccessible, the home or property owner may have to schedule another inspection to complete the report.

A building inspection can be beneficial to homeowners and property owners in many different ways.

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