Is an Eco Home Harder to Inspect?

Eco homes are now becoming more and more popular, especially with the pressing environmental problems our planet is facing. Everyone has a desire to contribute in saving the environment and minimising their carbon footprint.

But let us face it – being a consistently eco-friendly person on a daily basis is not a walk in the park. That is why one of the best ways to take part in this earth movement is through eco homes. And what better way to ensure their environment-friendliness than to have a keen view into it.

What is an Eco home?

In the ongoing evolution of architecture and science, this type of home is currently getting recognition due to the benefits they offer. Eco homes or eco houses are designed to minimise the owners carbon footprint. This way, less natural resources are being wasted in building these houses and operating them daily.

Not only will this be good for the environment, but it will also be economical. For instance, instead of wasting water, it can be used for household purposes while preventing unwanted contamination. This may require a complex plumbing system and a lot of water running around the house.

Eco homes are also built with advanced insulation in order to save energy, particularly with the use of heating and cooling systems. Another way that eco homes save energy is by maximising natural energy. Eco homes are designed to make use of a natural source of energy such as the sun for the heating and lighting needs of the household.

While offering a plethora of benefits, it is understandable that some individuals may find eco homes have a high price tag. A one-time big cost, however, will be surely outweighed by the benefits you get from these houses.

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Do you own an Eco home?

Statistics of eco homes in Australia has been rapidly increasing within the past few years. In many different forms and in various quantities, each Australian home has its own way of being eco-friendly. For example, as of the year 2002, almost 70 percent of Australian houses have a form of insulation. The use of solar panels has also been increasing in the past two decades.

From the presence of solar water heater in 4.6 percent of households in the year1995, almost 20 percent of Australian households now rely on solar power in some form, either through solar panels or through solar water heaters.

Why should you have your Eco Home inspected?

It is important to have your home regularly inspected. Regular home inspections are a vital part of selecting and maintaining homes suitable to your needs, so you can save a lot of time and money for repairs. This is especially important for eco homes, which often need fewer repairs and maintenance when compared to an ordinary home.

A more thorough inspection of eco homes will not only tell you which parts of the house need immediate attention but will also tell you if it is truly economical at all. After all, one of the reasons to opt for an Eco home is to diminish the overall operation costs in the long run. What better reason to have the home inspected thoroughly right away?

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How an Eco House is inspected

There are different building inspections offered by EBI to suit your needs. From building or purchasing an Eco house, to routine check-ups and maintenance, our NSW building inspection services got you covered.

  • Pre Purchase Building Inspection and Reports, and Vendor Inspection and Reports

Whether you are buying your own property or about to sell one, inspection of an Eco house is just as necessary. The report covers defects and safety hazards, workmanship, and compliance with standards and specifications, which are all important factors when buying or selling an Eco home.

  • Timber Pest Inspections and Reports

A lot of eco houses are built with timber. It is one of the most common renewable and sustainable materials for building a home. This means that eco houses made with timber and other natural materials are more prone to subterranean termites, borers, and wood decay fungi. Regular visual and non-invasive inspections must be done to determine presence of active timber pests.

  • Maintenance Inspection and Reports

Eco homes are built to be sturdy and to withstand long periods. But just like any other home, structural materials may still be damaged through time, which is why maintenance inspections must be a routine. The earlier you are able to conduct needed repairs, the less it costs and the lower the risk of hazards.

Contact EBI for professional Newcastle building inspections

Eco homes are indeed harder to inspect as compared to ordinary houses due to the structures you only see in these types of houses. However, just as how beneficial the eco homes are, a more thorough inspection of these eco homes will bring you the same benefits. With the services of EBI, we can help you optimise your eco home. Contact us now for more information about our services.