Latest Trends in Building Inspections

Here are some of the latest trends in building inspection to look forward to in 2019.

The importance of home, building, and property inspections cannot be stressed enough. With inspection services and reports, it has become easier to assess any defects or damages in the building. The potential causes of later disputes can also be properly brought out and discussed. Property insurance must also be considered, especially for any risk of fire, theft, or potential damage caused by natural disasters.

Building inspections help in assessing any risks and dangers that could occur to the property. With the importance of meeting national and local building standards being stressed, there have been added trends in the inspection of buildings.

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Assessment of risk with analytical data

Now that is it easier to obtain analytical and quantitative data during building inspections, insurance carriers are taking advantage. These carriers are using the data to substitute the need to physically complete an inspection for lower risk properties. This saves money, but it is possible that less physical property inspections will result in higher losses for the insurance company.

Latest Trends in Building Inspections - building inspections

Use of drone technology

Since becoming widespread in late 2016, drone technology has been used for mostly entertainment and travelling purposes. But now, it is being put forward as a tool used for the building inspection process. With the drone’s ability to cover a large area in a shorter time frame, they can give you an aerial perspective that most building inspectors can’t provide.

However, its disadvantage is that it can’t see areas of a building in specific detail. Most tasks included in a building inspection can still be better accomplished with the human eye. Nothing compares to an inspection done in person, even with the evolution of better technology. With this, customers will continue to feel valued. Rapport between the consumers and companies will be established with this hands-on approach.

Use of technology for better collaboration between the inspection company and the insurance carrier

Much software is developed to deliver smoother collaboration between a property inspection company and insurance carrier clients. With clients under more pressure to accurately and efficiently determine risk to property, the latest technology is utilised to ensure just this.

Latest Trends in Building Inspections - building inspections

Rise in unpredictable weather

Due to instances of extreme weather in Australia – such as heat waves and storms – construction projects and services have experienced setbacks. This is all causing significant negative consequences on the industry, both in construction and inspection.

Insurance on properties is now be stressed due to the rise in unpredictable weather and the risks it poses to these buildings. Even the severe effects of climate change can be felt in this aspect of business. Building inspections and risk assessment are now more significant than ever.

Latest Trends in Building Inspections - building inspections

Competition from growing Asian economies

With the emergence of growing Asian economies, population growth, and rapid urbanisation in various areas, this has created a demand for infrastructure. Accelerated prefabrication systems have been developed across Asia to keep up with this demand. Australia is moving towards these more cost-effective and efficient developmental solutions. These solutions include the cheap import of prefabricated buildings and infrastructure components and materials from Asia.

If this is the case, then building and property inspections are now incredibly vital to the risk assessment of these infrastructure imports. Even with the appearance of these more efficient solutions, the necessary step must be taken to ensure the safety of these properties.

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