Adamstown Building Inspections

Looking to build, renovate, or buy a new home in Adamstown? A building inspection is a must to safeguard your investment.

Standard building inspections only involve checking the condition of the property. If you want a more detailed assessment, you can request a pest inspection or other reports.

It’s important to hire an Adamstown building inspector who is qualified, fully licensed, and insured. Ask if the inspector is accredited with a relevant body. When carrying out the inspection, make sure that the inspector follows Australian Standards. The report should contain information on all areas on the property and written in plain, easy to understand terms.

Why building inspections are important to home buyers

Construction mistakes can be pretty expensive. Organising a building inspection can prevent nasty surprises and potentially save you from unnecessary repair expenses in the future.

Here are a few reasons why you should book a building inspection.

  1. There are issues that are invisible to the untrained eye.

What seems to be your dream home could be a future nightmare. It is easy to get carried away with beautiful interiors but there might be serious issues lurking behind those walls, floors, and ceilings. Only a qualified building inspector can spot miniscule details that might have been covered up with a good paint job.

  1. Be prepared for future costs.

Building inspection reports can highlight significant issues that may arise in the future. If you know that you are going to have to make repairs, you can plan for these costs.

  1. Power to negotiate

Another advantage of having a building inspection report is increasing your bargaining power. By knowing the condition of the house and existing structural issues, if there are any, you can decide whether you want to negotiate for a better price or look for something else.

About Exceptional Building InspectionsAbout Exceptional Building Inspections

Exceptional Building Inspections ensures the safety and security of people residing in residential, commercial and industrial spaces by conducting meticulous inspections in Adamstown and surrounding areas.

EBI has established a reputation for attention to detail and strict adherence to Australian Standards so you can expect a thorough report on potential threats, limitations, and areas of non-compliance in your property.

What we do

We are able to provide building owners with the following reports:

  • Pre-purchase building inspection
  • Timber pest inspection
  • Expert witness inspection
  • Vendor inspection
  • Pool and spa certification
  • Defects inspection
  • Dilapidation inspection
  • Maintenance inspection
  • Disputes resolution inspection
  • Insurance inspections

defect inspectionsWhy you should choose EBI

The EBI team takes pride in providing customers with peace of mind. Unlike our competitors who rush inspections, we take extra care in investigating defects to make a thorough assessment.

About Adamstown

Adamstown is a NSW suburb located just 6 kilometres from the Newcastle central business district. Adamstown is home to one of the oldest football clubs in Australia – the Adamstown Rosebud FC formed in 1889. It is arguably the most famous club in Northern NSW Football with a total of 16 Socceroos. The team still plays in its original home ground at Adamstown Oval.

Protect your home with an EBI inspection report

Here at Exceptional Building Inspections, we understand the importance of time and safety. Rushed inspections tend to overlook little details that could lead to bigger headaches down the line. Our thorough inspections conducted at a careful pace offer the best value for your money. Call us at 02 4950 4197 or email so we can talk about your building inspection concerns.