Bar Beach Building Inspections

Looking to buy a property in Bar Beach? Building inspections are your best protection.

A standard Bar Beach building inspection involves checking the condition of the property and writing down defects in a report. This document does not include estimates for the cost of repair in case problems are found. The inspection also does not include checking for pests and other details – you will need a special purpose report for those. If all you need is a general overview of the property, a standard building inspection should suffice.

The importance of building inspections

Building inspections are an additional expense to a home buyer but the cost is worth it. Why is it important to organise a building inspection before buying a house?

  1. You don’t want nasty and expensive surprises.

Stylish aesthetics can easily make a piece of property attractive. As you step inside, you are instantly impressed with the interiors. However tempted you may be, don’t sign on the dotted line without a building inspection report. Only a professional can spot hidden flaws such as a rotten ceiling, wall cracks, or foundation issues. You do not want to make a big investment on what looks good now only to face ugly and expensive problems later on.

  1. You have more power at the negotiating table.

Armed with a building inspection report, you now have the leverage to negotiate a better price. If the house has structural issues as stated on the formal report, you could drive down the price by thousands of dollars or even decide to look for something with less risk.

Bar Beach Building Inspections

About Exceptional Building Inspections

Exceptional Building Inspections provide reports for property owners, buyers, sellers, and managers in NSW. Our thorough and detailed inspection services can allow you to understand the true condition of your property. With our great attention to detail and strict adherence to Australian Standards, you can expect a comprehensive report on potential weaknesses and areas of non-compliance within the property.

What Exceptional Building Inspections can do for you

The Exceptional Building Inspections team will help ensure the safety of your building or facility by doing the following:

  • Identify safety hazards
  • Identify major and minor defects
  • Assess the need for property maintenance and repairs
  • Account for faults in the budget
  • Assess for liability disputes
  • Assess compliance with Australian standards

Why you should work with Exceptional Building Inspections

When hiring a Bar Beach building inspector, you must consider his or her qualification, insurance, and accreditation. Experience is also a must – only an experienced inspector will be able to find hidden defects.

Exceptional Building Inspectors are fully licensed, insured, experienced, and accredited with the relevant body so you know your property is in good hands. We spend one to two hours investigating an average home as we believe that rushing will only lead to undetected defects and expensive repairs.

Exceptional Building Inspectors are veterans in the trade and are always updated on Australian Standard 4349.1 and other relevant Australian Standards. Our building inspection report is quite thorough – covering all areas of the property – and written in language that is easy for you to understand.

Bar Beach Building Inspections