Broadmeadow Building Inspections

Building inspections are essential if you are buying a property in Broadmeadow. Whether it is a residential, commercial or an industrial space, a building inspection is a must to ensure that you know the condition of your investment before purchasing.

Standard building inspections are often done before buying a home, after completing renovations, or after building a new structure. They can be combined with a pest inspection or other special purpose building inspections for a more detailed assessment of the property.

Building inspections are carried out by a qualified building inspector who is fully licensed, insured, and has vast experience in spotting hidden problems. The building inspector should ensure that all areas of the property are compliant with Australian Standards – specifically Australian Standard 4349.1 – when completing the report.

Benefits of paying for a building inspection

  • Find hidden flaws.

When you first look at a property, the things that catch your attention the most are the walls, floors, counter tops, and maybe the ceiling. A seasoned building inspector would be able to see beyond that and find little details that are not visible to the untrained eye.

  • Save money in the long run.

If you pay for a building inspection before buying a house, it could potentially save you from expensive repairs in the future.

  • Protect your investment.

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial investments you will make in your lifetime. Without a building inspection report, you might be walking into a trap and end up purchasing property with serious structural problems.

After the building inspector has completed the report, you can make an informed decision on whether to buy the house, negotiate for a better price, or look somewhere else.

Broadmeadow Building Inspections

About Exceptional Building Inspections

Here at Exceptional Building Inspections, we aim to help property buyers make a sound financial decision by providing them with a thorough, independent, and objective assessment of potential real estate investments. Among our clients in NSW are:

  • Homeowners
  • Commercial clients
  • Property buyers and sellers
  • Councils
  • Property investors
  • Facility managers

Services we offer

Exceptional Building Inspections provide a variety of services that identify potential issues and areas of non-compliance in residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Exceptional Building Inspections can provide you with the following reports:

  • Pre-purchase building inspection report
  • Pest inspection report
  • Expert witness inspection report
  • Vendor inspection report
  • Pool and spa certification
  • Defects inspection report
  • Dilapidation inspection report
  • Maintenance inspection report
  • Disputes resolution inspection report
  • Insurance inspection report

The EBI advantage

Why choose Exceptional Building Inspections? Our two distinct advantages are attention to detail and strict adherence to standards.

While many of our competitors try to cover three to six building inspections per day, we do not rush our work. We spend around one to two hours investigating defects in a single home. Our careful and meticulous building inspections ensure that all hidden problems will be detected – protecting our clients from expensive mistakes and protecting our inspectors from liability.

Broadmeadow Building InspectionsAbout Broadmeadow

Broadmeadow is the geographic centre of Newcastle, with its main commercial hub located at an intersection. The ‘Nineways’ is named as such because it has become the meeting point of nine roads and tramlines.

EBI is your trusted building inspector in NSW

The most costly insurance claims are due to inspectors rushing to complete reports. Many building inspectors are also not insured to carry out such tasks. Here at EBI all our inspectors have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance so you are protected in case we miss a defect. Trust a company that understands the importance of time and safety. Contact EBI today.