Jesmond Building Inspections

Looking for the right building inspector may seem difficult especially because their reports are crucial to your future decisions. Building inspections are tough and require examining your property while ensuring reliability, accuracy, and completeness.

Why is building inspections important?

Investing on building inspections is essential especially for property owners, sellers, and managers. It is a comprehensive report which can provide information that help in:

  • Reducing building hazards

Building hazards such as termite infestation and asbestos is common especially in old buildings. With a proper building inspection, these hazards can be detected and eliminated.

  • Identifying major and minor defects

Most buildings have minor defects such as cracks which can be detected early on with a comprehensive inspection to prevent further damage. Most buildings also have major defects that would require immediate repairs.

  • Assessing the value of your property before buying or selling

Building inspectors can detect your building’s economic value. It lets you know if your building is fit to be bought or sold, or if it would require repair and maintenance first.

Exceptional Building inspections continues to expand its services, making way for Jesmond Building Inspections. Our building consultants have many years of experience in providing different building inspection services.

What services does Exceptional Building Inspections provide?

Our team is dedicated in providing quality building inspection every Jesmond home and building needs. Our Jesmond building inspection services have expertise in the following services:

Islington Building Inspections

Why choose us?

Exceptional Building Inspections remains as one of the top service providers in NSW because we adhere to our values and quality building inspections. We ensure that our services are delivered with:

  • Knowledge and expertise

Our building consultants are skilled professionals with years of experience. They have a keen eye for the demands of the job and are surely reliable especially when it comes to their reports.

  • Best value

We ensure that the cost you spend for building inspections are of quality and your money’s worth. We provide a comprehensive report, with complete and accurate information, dedicated for the inspection to serve its purpose.

  • Time-efficient

With our guarantee of 24-hour turnabout, you do not have to worry about our inspectors taking too little or too much time doing their work. We make use of advanced tools and focus on details that need attention, while ensuring that our inspection reports cover everything you will need.

About Jesmond

A commercial and residential centre, Jesmond is a suburb in Newcastle located about 9.5 kilometres away from the central business district. Being in close proximity to the University of Newcastle in Callaghan, it is considered to be a dormitory suburb, with many of its 3,000 population either Aussies or International students. Having a busy residential and commercial industry, Jesmond and its buildings need to maintain their integrity and quality to keep up with its residents’ lifestyle.

Secure your property with a reliable inspection report

At Exceptional Building Inspections, we uphold a thorough and quality inspection necessary for your safety and security. That is why we offer only the best quality building inspection services not only in Jesmond but also across the Hunter Region.

If you are looking for building inspections in Jesmond, do not hesitate to seek our advice! Contact us today by sending an email to or calling 02 4950 4197 and 0412 188 199.