Kotara Building Inspections

Building inspections are important for routine property maintenance and before buying or selling a building. This inspection report must be accurate, complete, and concise to prevent future damage, hazards, and major problems.

Why are building inspections important?

Property owners, managers, or sellers are advised to invest on comprehensive building inspections because these can prevent major and costly problems in the future. It is important for the following objectives:

  • To minimise the safety hazards of your building, including termite infestation and asbestos exposure, especially when the building is old.
  • To locate structural defects from a minor crack to a major debris, and consequently, to come up with a plan to repair and maintain these defects.
  • To have a report on the current value of your property before purchase or selling them.
  • To prevent future liability disputes.
  • To examine compliance with building standards in Australia (AS 4349.1-2007)

Building Inspections

About Exceptional Building Inspections

With the continuous growth and expansion of EBI, our services go beyond the city radius as we provide quality Kotara building inspection services. Our decades in the industry is the foundation of our services, with skilled professionals on the go.

What services do we offer?

Kotara building inspections provide a wide range of services including:

Why work with EBI?

Because of the values we uphold and quality service we continue to provide, our services are chosen by many property owners and managers in Kotara. In choosing Kotara Building Inspection, we guarantee to provide:

  • Knowledge and experience

Our building consultants thrive in the industry because of their skills and service. They are trained to provide quality and reliable building inspections in NSW.

  • Value for your money

We ensure a balance between quality and affordability for our clients so that they can enjoy the long-term benefits of our building inspections.

  • Time-efficient services

Our advanced tools and skilled professionals at work ensure efficiency within the time we spend at your property. We offer a 24-hour turnabout guarantee.

Kotara Building Inspections

About Kotara

Kotara is a suburb in Newcastle, located 9 kilometres away from the city’s central business district. It boasts a population of about 4,000 and a land area of 2.4 square kilometres. The suburb of Kotara houses the Westfield Kotara, formerly known as the Garden City, as well as “Gardo”, which is a major shopping centre in the area.

In need of building inspections? Choose only the Exceptional

We at Exceptional Building Inspections uphold that your safety is our topmost priority. We make sure of this by ensuring quality inspections for all building types, may it be residential or commercial properties. We offer only the best and quality building inspection services in Kotara and all across Hunter.

In dire need of Kotara building inspections services or advice? Feel free to contact us today! Contact us now for your building inspection concerns in Kotara. Send us an email at robert@ebi.net.au or call us at 02 4950 4197 and 0412 188 199.