Lambton Building Inspections

Checking for the general current condition of a building is one of the things property owners or managers might overlook. Spending on a Lambton building inspection report may seem unimportant. In truth, however, it is one of the important steps to prevent future problems in a building.

Why does my building need inspection?

A comprehensive and accurate report of a building inspection is important for:

  • Reducing safety hazards such as those posed by asbestos exposure or termite infestation;
  • Detecting both major and minor defects which affect the structural integrity of your property;
  • Evaluating the value of a property before purchasing or placing in the market;
  • Efficiently planning and budgeting of maintenance and repairs;
  • Preventing liability disputes such as in cases of dilapidation, and;
  • Ensuring compliance with Australian building standards.

What services does EBI provide?

Exceptional Building Inspections provides expert and quality inspection services in and around the Lambton suburb. We offer different types of inspections such as:

Lambton Building InspectionsWhy choose EBI?

Choosing the right building inspector in Lambton may be difficult at first, but EBI is known for the following:

  • Professional skills

With years of experience, our building consultants are sure to have the right knowledge and skills for quality service.

  • Services that are affordable and worth your money

Our building inspection reports are guaranteed to be accurate and complete, so you would not have to spend for any other unnecessary expenses in the future due to an unreliable building inspection.

  • Time-efficiency

With our guarantee of 24-hour turnaround, you do not have to worry about our inspectors taking too little or too much time doing their work. We make use of advanced tools and focus on details that need attention, while ensuring that our inspection reports cover everything you will need.

Lambton Building Inspections

About Lambton

A former coal-mining town, Lambton grew to become a residential suburb in Newcastle. It is home to about 5,000 residents and located 8 kilometres away from Newcastle’s central business district. Lambton was also the first municipality in Newcastle district to be lit by electric light. Its famous attractions include the Lambton Park, and a popular cinema, formerly known as The King’s Theatre.

Ensure the safety and security of your home with EBI

For any types of building, we at Exceptional Building Inspections give importance to your safety and security. Whether residential, commercial or industrial, we know how to properly and thoroughly inspect it. We offer nothing but exceptional building inspection services in Lambton and its neighbouring suburbs in the Hunter region.

Call or email us! We are more than willing to help anyone in Lambton who needs building inspections advice and services. Contact us today at or 02 4950 4197 and 0412 188 199.