Mayfield Building Inspections

Whether you are managing, purchasing or selling a property, you must know the full condition of your property and get the necessary certificates. Building inspection in Mayfield is a procedure that you should only entrust to a licensed professional.

Here are some of the things that a building inspection can find out of for you:

Importance of building inspections

Building inspections give you full awareness of the condition of your property. This is important for the following reasons:

  • To know the existing problems at the onset and get recommendations on to how to deal with them
  • To get advice for future maintenance and repairs
  • To provide you with the permits and certificates you need before you can sell your property
  • For buyers and investors, to be aware of the defects so you can negotiate for a lower price

What is Exceptional Building Inspections?

Exceptional Building Inspections is not your typical NSW building inspection company. We take our time in performing our thorough inspection and make sure that we give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Exceptional Building Inspections is a professional company with decades of experience in building inspection. We are committed to giving you a comprehensive report of major and minor damages, complete with photo documentation. Whether you are a property manager or a home buyer or seller, you can rely on us to investigate your property – from minor inspections of windows, doors, frames, gutters, and balcony, to major ones like roofing, walls, pools, and building foundation.

Our services

  • Insurance Inspection and Reports
  • Defect Inspections and Reports
  • Timber Inspections and Reports
  • Disputes Resolutions Inspections and Reports
  • Pool and Spa Certification
  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspections and Reports
  • Expert Witness Inspections and Reports
  • Maintenance Inspections and Reports
  • Vendor Inspections and Reports
  • Dilapidation Inspections and Reports

Why choose us for your Maryland building inspection needs

When buying or selling a property, getting a building inspection is important. We at Exceptional Buildings Inspections spend an average of 1-2 hours doing our investigation to give you a complete report with photo documentation. With a 24-hour turnaround guarantee, we promise to give you value for your money.

We serve your suburb! A culturally diverse suburb with residential streets and vast gardens, Mayfield consists of 11 municipalities which houses over 14,000 residents. Exceptional Building Inspections offer services to Newcastle, including the Mayfield suburb.

Contact Exceptional Building Inspections today

If you want a thorough building inspection that covers all the areas of your property, you can count on Exceptional Building Inspections to give you full satisfaction. We promise you quality building inspection services from day one until finish. Our professional building inspector is a member of the Australian Society of Building Consultants and has decades of experience in the building industry.

Talk to our staff for your enquiries! Specify your request so that we can customise our building inspections report. Browse our website for more information or contact us at +6149504197 or +61412188199.