Merewether Building Inspections

When it comes to building inspections, only a trusted professional company can provide you with a complete and itemised report. If you are a property buyer or seller in Merewether, you will need the services of a building inspector to know the full condition of a property.

Here are some things that a buildings inspection can find out of for you:

  • Major defects that affect the major areas in your property like the foundation, walls, and roof
  • Safety hazards
  • Dilapidation issues
  • Minor defects such as bathroom leaks, and plumbing problems
  • Pool inspection
  • Presence of termites and pests

Importance of building inspections

Building inspections will you provide a full report on the condition of your property. They allow you to:

  • Get advice for future maintenance and repairs
  • Recognise problems and offer recommendations and solutions
  • For buyers, know defects to give you leverage to negotiate for a lower price
  • Provide you with the permits and certificates you need before you can sell your property.

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What is EBI?

Exceptional Building Inspections is a company committed to inspecting your property depending on your needs and objectives. We stay true to our standards and maintain a close attention to detail. With decades of invaluable experience in building inspection, our Merewether building inspector has been a practicing professional for years.

We take our time in performing our investigation to give you an itemised report. We do not rush through inspections and give incomplete reports. As professionals in the building inspection industry, we won’t short-change you. Rely on us to identify all defects in your property to give you peace of mind.

Our services

  • Insurance inspection and reports
  • Defect Inspections and Reports
  • Timber Inspections and Reports
  • Pool and Spa Certification
  • Disputes Resolutions Inspections and Reports
  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspections and Reports
  • Maintenance Inspections and Reports
  • Vendor Inspections and Reports
  • Expert Witness Inspections and Reports
  • Dilapidation Inspections and Reports

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Why choose us for Merewether building inspection

Exceptional Building Inspections is a trusted name in the building industry in Newcastle and Hunter. Rest assured, your protection and peace of mind are at the top of our priorities. We give an average of 1-2 hours for every inspection to give you a complete report with photo documentation. We promise to give you value for your money with a 24-hour turnaround guarantee.

Lined by the famous Merewether beach, the suburbs of Merewether has a population of around 11,000. If you need building inspection services in Merewether, you’ll be glad to know that Exceptional Building Inspections services your area.

Contact a professional building inspector in Merewether today

As one of the most trusted building inspection companies in NSW, Exceptional Building Inspections is the right company for you. We value your satisfaction and peace of mind, which is why we only hire the services of licensed building inspectors.

Go ahead and tell us what you need the building inspection for. We shall then customise your inspection report accordingly. For more information, keep browsing our website or contact us at +6149504197 or +61412188199 and look for Robert.