Shortland Building Inspections

Exceptional Building Inspections Shortland is a leading provider of a wide range of commercial and residential building inspection services to a variety of valuable customers across the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Port Stephens and Hunter regions.

From property owners and investors to building and property managers, people all over NSW rely on EBI’s professional building inspection services. You might be a prospective property buyer who needs to check a building’s condition and structural integrity with pre-purchase building and pest inspections, or a landlord needing a thorough inspection and reliable report on the current condition of your property from an unbiased, independent third party.

Perhaps you’re a prospective property seller wanting a Defect Inspection and Report to identify any building defects or faults that may require fixing before you go to market? or a professional Vendor Inspection and Report that highlights your home’s best features, entices buyers and helps to save time and money at sale or auction time. Whatever your building inspection needs, EBI can help.

Who needs a building inspection?

If you are hoping or planning to buy, renovate, or build a home in Shortland, then a pre-purchase building inspection is a must to safeguard your investment. Routine building and pest inspections and reports may also be required as part of an ongoing maintenance program.

Our thorough inspections offer an independent and objective professional assessment of a property, while our comprehensive, easy-to-understand building reports ensure full-disclosure and provide peace-of-mind to sellers, vendors, councils, property investors and managers, commercial clients and facility managers.

Choosing the right Shortland building inspector

Standard building inspections only involve checking the condition of the property and any structures. If you want a more detailed assessment, you should request a combined building and pest inspection or other reports. The report should contain information on all areas on the property and be written in plain language and easy-to-understand terms.

Inspections must follow Australian Standards, so it’s important to hire a building inspector in Shortland who is qualified, fully licensed, and insured. It is also advisable to ask if the inspector is accredited with a relevant industry body.

Exceptional Building Inspections services in Shortland

EBI undertakes a complete range of building inspection services, including:

  • Pre-purchase building inspections and reports
  • Timber pest inspections and reports
  • Vendor inspections and reports
  • Pool and spa certification
  • Defect inspections and reports
  • Dilapidation inspections and reports
  • Maintenance inspections and reports
  • Disputes resolution
  • Insurance assessments
  • Expert witness reports.

Shortland Building Inspections

Why Choose EBI for Your Shortland Building Inspection?

We have developed a strong reputation for quality building inspections and reports. Our experienced and professional building consultants have the skills and expertise required to undertake thorough, standards-compliant inspections and produce precise and reliable reports.

We guarantee a 24-hour turnaround, ensuring time-efficient property inspections. We make use of advanced tools and equipment for the job, so that we can ensure clients receive the best value and our services remain affordable.

Secure your Shortland property with a reliable inspection or report from EBI

Wherever you are in Shortland, when it comes to building inspections, reports and certifications, EBI has all your needs covered. For more information, or to book a building inspection service with EBI, call us today on 02 4950 4197 and 0412 188 199, or send an email to