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Building inspections are done to give both the buyer and the seller a better perspective about the value of the property during the transaction. Before you start looking for a buyer for your house or building, it is necessary for you to get the help of building inspectors. This is the best way for you to ensure that there are no undetected defects in your property.

Importance of building inspections

Building inspection is important for both seller and buyer. Here are the most notable advantages of securing an inspection record before selling or purchasing a property:

  • If you want to prove your honesty, the best way is to be transparent by providing a copy of an inspection report. This way, the buyer will know the exact condition of the property you are selling.
  • For a smooth negotiation, you should be able to show a credible report. You can use the details found in the report to explain the price of the building.
  • With the help of a licensed inspector, you will be able to know if the property you are about to purchase is really worth your money.
  • The safety of the people who will be occupying the property is one of the major concerns of the seller. In this case, you need the help of a building inspector to identify if there are some parts of the building that need repair.

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About Exceptional Building Inspections

Exceptional Building Inspections is dedicated in providing independent and objective assessment for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. We are trusted by many because we continue to provide quality inspection. Our main concern is to ensure the safety of buildings that are put under our investigation.

We believe that our inspection is your protection. This is the reason why we spend 1-2 hours inspecting an average house. The services we offer are not just for property owners but also for sellers, vendors, councils, property investors and managers, commercial clients and facility managers.

Services Exceptional Building Inspections offer

We, at Exceptional Building Inspections, offer the following services in Wallsend:

Why choose Exceptional Building Inspections

One of the many positive outcomes that we can assure you is our strict compliance with NSW building inspection standards. We provide a detailed report that includes weaknesses and potential threats identified in your building.

We ensure that you will get your money’s worth as we strive to provide objective assessment. Our inspections are guided by our strong belief in the value of time and safety. We aim to provide peace of mind to both sellers and buyers.

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About Wallsend

Wallsend is known as a commercial and residential hub in western Newcastle. Its prosperous status is a result of the great quality of coal mined in the municipality. There are several recreational facilities in the area, including Invermore Close Reserve, Wallsend Park, Wallsend Brickworks Park, and Federal Park. Wallsend is highly accessible due to the freeway and large roads that links it to the city.

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The credibility of the inspector and the accuracy of the report are just few of the most important considerations in building inspection. This is what Exceptional Building Inspections provides in Wallsend. Call us now at 4950 4197 or 0412 188 199 to know more about our services.