Looking Out for Houses That Had a Face Lift

There are property buyers who are short on time or money to spend on property maintenance. Buyers like this tend to gravitate towards buying a house that recently had a face lift – a makeover. They prefer to buy a property that has a short to-do list and features all-new fittings and fixtures.

Are you also one of these buyers? If yes, then we’ve prepared a list of things to look out for in recently renovated houses – because you shouldn’t let the smell of the fresh paint and the shiny new tiles get to your head. As with any buying any other property, you have to be meticulous and critical. Read on for some tips.

Looking Out for Houses That Had a Face Lift - face lift

1. In a renovated house, tour with a sceptical eye.

Give equal attention to every part of the house. Avoid focusing on your favourite details e.g. the counters on the kitchen or the tiles in the bathroom. You may not be able to check the other parts as diligently if you pay too much attention to your preferred areas.

2. Try out everything.

In houses that have had a face lift, the kitchen and the bathroom are usually where majority of the work has been done. Turn on the water in these rooms to check if there are any plumbing issues. In renovated houses, it’s common to see plumbing issues due to poor workmanship in hooking up water hoses.

You can also check if there are issues with the water pressure just by turning on the faucets. Sometimes, you’ll find out that the hardware has not been hooked up to a water source at all. While you’re at it, try flushing the toilet as well.

Don’t forget to check the electric connection by flipping the light switches. Make sure that the doors and windows are installed properly by opening and closing them. You should even try checking if the stove plates are working. There’s no one there with you (except maybe the estate agent) so best to give the house a ‘test-drive’.

3. Check under the cabinets.

In a renovated house, sometimes the focus is on the cosmetic appeal of the home instead of the functionality. To avoid being tricked by the surface appeal, check the cabinets under the sinks and in other areas to see the beneath-the-surface work.

Check if the drain lines, disposal, and wiring have been spray painted. If it is, it’s a sign that the contractor or the renovator is covering up an old disposal. Appliances are usually neglected in house renovations.

Looking Out for Houses That Had a Face Lift - face lift

4. Don’t forget to check the baseboards and paintwork.

Experienced real estate investors would suggest that in terms of basic cosmetic work, always trust your instincts. If the paint is flaky or the baseboards are uneven, this can be a sign that the renovator has made shortcuts around the house. You may not know how to cut a baseboard, but at least you know when it looks right. Always check for straight lines where the floor, baseboard, and wall meet.

5. Hire an inspector.

Do not skip the inspection process especially if you are buying a renovated house. You may be tempted by all the new things you see, but don’t let that fool you. Ideally, an inspector should be hired before the closing process begins. This way, you can still cancel in case the inspector finds any major problems in the property.

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