Defect Inspections and Reports

Defect Inspections and Defect Reports

The scope of these Defect reports may include minor defects and costs associated with any “repair” or “rectification” work.

Your property should be free from major and minor defects. Issues in any of the building elements can pose a major risk to your safety, as well as a big burden to your wallet. Identifying defects through thorough defect inspections is a necessary investment.

Here at EBI, we provide thorough defect inspections services for homeowners, property owners, and investors.

defect inspections servicesWhy you need defect inspections and Defect reports

A thorough defect inspections is recommended for all homeowners, property owners, investors, and facility managers. It is especially recommended for people who are looking to buy or sell their property. Before you make the purchase, you need to make sure there are no hidden defects.

You may need defect inspections and defect reports if you are:

  • A homeowner or property owner
  • Property investor
  • Facility manager
  • Prospective buyer or seller

Defects pose a major risk to safety and to your budget. By taking advantage of EBI’s inspection services, you can get a full grasp of the property’s conditions. You’ll know the significant issues that may require substantial repairs or maintenance, and the various building elements that need to be redone.

Our defect reports are thorough. You can trust in our professional team’s assessment alongside the photo documentation. Exceptional Building Inspections also provides advice on possible repairs and other actions required.

defect inspections servicesDefect Inspections for major and minor defects

Our professional team has the experience and qualifications to spot major and minor defects in your home or in a building. These include any defects from hairline cracks, to defective internal or external load-bearing elements like walls, flooring, columns and beams. EBI also checks the windows and frames, guttering and down pipes, patios, balconies, doors, pools, pergolas, and paving. Our defect inspections also includes possible sources of later collapse or fire hazards. Exceptional Building Inspections can also check for signs of water and electrical damage.

The specific contents and format of the defect reports depend on your need. Our building consultant needs to be informed about the reason for the request of inspection to produce an appropriate report. Contact us to book an defect inspections today.