These Dilapidation reports detail the condition of the dwelling and property listing defects prior to excavation or construction work being carried out on the property or nearby property.

The purpose of the Dilapidation report is to confirm the condition of the property prior to construction work proceeding in order to establish if the condition of the property has deteriorated as a result of the construction work.

Exceptional Building Inspections provides prompt and thorough dilapidation inspections and Dilapidation reports, also known as property condition surveys.

Exceptional Building Inspections provide our services for both residential and commercial construction or demolition projects. To protect your property and to ensure liability, contact us for dilapidation inspection services today.

dilapidation inspections and dilapidation reports

Why you need dilapidation inspections and dilapidation reports

As a homeowner or property owner, you need to ensure that you don’t pay out of your own pocket for damages that you did not cause. Residential and commercial properties are at risk of being damaged by nearby construction or demolition projects.

Neighbouring projects can do significant damage to your home. If the following projects are occurring in your vicinity, you may need to secure dilapidation inspections and dilapidation reports:

  • New home or property construction
  • Property demolition
  • Renovations of home and other properties
  • Road and other infrastructure works by the government
  • Underground tunnelling or excavation

The vibration from the heavy truck traffic, the impact of the digging equipment and compactors, and the debris from the project can all contribute to damaging your own property.

By securing a dilapidation report, you can have a record of the condition of your property before the project commences, and you can have a record of any damage that may result from the project.

Dilapidation inspections and Dilapidation report

Dilapidation inspections and Dilapidation reports by EBI

The intense vibrations and the impact of construction may do damage to your property’s structural walls, load-bearing structures, fences, and driveways.

Here at Exceptional Building Inspections, we believe in the importance of through Dilapidation inspections and Dilapidation records.

Our professional team can create a full and comprehensive report. This includes dilapidation reports for insurance and claim purposes. We also do inspections and reports for councils, in order to assess for damages to council assets such as footpaths and kerbing.

For thorough dilapidation inspections and Dilapidation reports, contact us today! 

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