Disputes Resolution Inspections and Reports

Disputes Resolution Inspections and Reports

These Disputes inspections and Dispute reports are designed to express an independent opinion regarding building matters where a dispute between two parties has arisen.

No matter how careful you are, problems can still arise when you build a new home or when you’re renovating a current property. These defects can be costly to repair, and accountability often becomes an issue between you and the builder you’ve hired.

Disputes resolutions require evidence and support. For reliable, comprehensive and objective Disputes resolution inspections on building property, trust in EBI.

Disputes Resolution Inspections and ReportsWhy you need disputes resolution inspections and reports

Professional and expert reports from building inspectors have a variety of uses. For homeowners and property investors who are facing a dispute with their builder or contractor, reports serve as important evidence. Builders can also rely on independent disputes resolution inspections to prove their quality of workmanship.

A dispute on a building defect or damage can be settled between you and your builder, or it can even be taken up in court. In both cases, resolution requires an objective and independent third party opinion. This opinion needs to come from a certified inspector or assessor. Exceptional Building Inspections can provide this essential service.

After lodging a complaint with NSW Fair Trading, you can rely on our building inspection to provide concrete evidence to support your defects claim. You need comprehensive defect inspection to prove your case.

Disputes resolution inspections and Dispute reports
Contact EBI for your disputes resolution evidence needs

Our company believes that our disputes resolution inspection is your protection. That’s why we make sure that all of our inspections and assessments are done carefully and thoroughly. We don’t rush.

We will assess the property in question and identify any defects against existing building codes or acceptable standards of workmanship. Our disputes resolution reports are supplemented with photos and comprehensive defect details.

With our disputes resolution inspections and report on hand, parties can even reach a mutually acceptable resolution without having to go to court. You can come to a rational agreement as we review each item in dispute.

To objectively deal with construction or renovation disputes, contact Exceptional Building Inspections today!