The NSW legislation requires that all owners with a swimming pool certification or spa certification that are selling their property must provide a “Certificate of Compliance” or a “Certificate of Non-Compliance at the owner’s request” prior to advertising their property for sale.

Our Inspector is an accredited certifier.

As an accredited certifier our Inspector can:

  • Carry out an inspection on your swimming pool certification and spa.
  • Register your swimming pool or spa on the NSW Government Swimming Pool Register.
  • Issue a “Certificate of Compliance” for your swimming pool and spa.
  • Issue a “Certtificate of Non-Compliance at owner’s request.”
  • Issue an “E22 Notice.”
  • Reinspect the swimming pool or spa.

Before you can start diving into your pool or selling your property, you need to ensure that your pool certification and spa certification meets current Australian building standards. Whether you’re a current homeowner or a property manager looking to buy or sell, having a record of pool and spa certification on hand is important.

Here at EBI, we believe that our inspection is your protection. Through our high quality assessments and thorough inspections, we can help certify the safety of your pool and spa.

Pool Certification and Spa Certification


currently has a pool, or who is planning to install or build one. A valid certificate of compliance is needed for all swimming pools and spa pools of a certain depth.

pool and spa certification is not just a legal requirement but also a safety concern. Drowning in pools is an unfortunate yet major cause of preventable death in children aged 5 years old and below. A thorough certification process ensures the safety of your kids, family and others, since it means your pool or spa meets the Australian Standards and the NSW Swimming Pools Act.

If you have a swimming pool or spa in your yard or property, you need certification to ensure safety as well as to sell or lease your facility. You can’t maximise your property if you don’t assure the safety of the tenants or prospective buyers. 

Pool Certification & Spa Certification


EBI values your safety and your concerns. As such, our professional team devotes time to thoroughly assess and inspect your swimming pool or spa pool. Our team inspects every aspect of the pool area to ensure it meets Australian standards. This inspection and certification process includes examining the fencing, the presence of signage on CPR, and all other safety requirements.

Our detailed report includes all possible concerns. We can either issue a certificate of compliance or a certificate of non-compliance. In the event of non-compliance, we can provide written notice to you as well as to the council.
For both your peace of mind and for any future property transactions, request for a compliance inspection and receive your pool and spa certification as soon as possible. Contact Exceptional Building Inspections today! 

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