Expert Witness Inspection and Reports

Exceptional Building Inspections produces Expert Witness Reports for both claimants and defendants.

These Technical Reports  are designed to express an expert opinion regarding building matters that “may come” or “have come” before the courts.

The report format complies with the requirements of the “Expert Code of Conduct” and the report is designed to assist the courts in their decision process to determine liability and quantum.

Exceptional Building Inspections produces Expert Witness Reports for both claimants and defendants. Exceptional Building Inspections  also provide Expert Witness Opinion for  Dispute Resolutions, Mediation or Court/Tribunal Judgments.

Exceptional Building Inspections provides detailed and impartial expert witness reports for property disputes where an amicable settlement between parties can’t be attained. We investigate, assess, and prepare the inspection documents. We also attend the hearings before a legal forum, if necessary.

Following a thorough investigation of the property, our qualified investigators will organise the inspection report that contains specific details of the problems and defects of the disputed building or property. Our investigators will give a straightforward and substantial opinion, which should help your legal counsel decide the course of action for the mediation or litigation.

Expert witness inspection services offered

Our detailed reports may cover but are not limited to the following:

  • Defect reports that are suitable for filing any Home Owners Warranty Claims.
  • Compliance reports that provide an assessment of issues in relation to building compliance, as outlined in the National Construction Code (NCC) of the Australian Buildings Code Board (ABCB) and the Australian Standards crucial to building and construction.
  • Expert reports that follow the Expert Witness Code of Conduct.
  • Other reports in response to the opposing party’s claims.

Our reports will also satisfy the requirements wherever claims or disputes may be filed, such as in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), the Federal Court and the Supreme Court of the NSW.

We have the experience in documenting the complex problems of a building dispute. But not only do we present the technical reports with valid analysis, we also provide effective solutions, as our qualified investigators carefully uncover the actual cause and extent of the defects and failures.

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Exceptional Building Inspections can be the expert witness for either the claimants or defendants. We want to help bolster your case during the negotiations. We aim for reaching a fair and reasonable agreement between parties for every dispute we’re called to witness.

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