These reports record major building defects and safety issues associated with the dwelling that needs maintenance work.

The purpose of identifying the issues in these reports is to bring to the owner’s attention items that may lead to further deterioration of the property and any risks to peoples safety if the defects and safety hazards are not repaired or replaced. The reports are accompanied with photos of the major defects and safety issues. These reports are easy to read and understand.

Maintenance inspections must be routinely carried out to help property owners manage their home or building well. As the property gets old, it could be subjected to structural damages or pest infestations, but the inspection can be a preventive measure.

One of the leading causes of property damages is termite infestation. These pests can destroy wall and roofing timbers within months of a new construction.

In NSW, the incidence of termite infestation is quite high and unfortunately, most Home and Building Insurance Policies don’t cover costs for termite-infested repairs. At best, property owners are recommended to stop the infestation before it becomes a problem.

Maintenance Inspections and Reports

Aside from termites, a home or building could have other concerns like asbestos presence, timber decay, cracked floor tiles or masonry, rising damp and structural timber movements, among other hazards. Property owners could save thousands in major repairs if these issues are identified right away through maintenance inspections.


Our inspectors at Exceptional Building Inspections will look into any safety hazards and defects to the property so that its owners can deal with the problem and prevent deterioration.

Our report will include the following:

  • Proper documentation of the safety hazards in the home or building
  • Detailed list of the minor defects
  • Rundown of timber pests and termites, including a review of areas that might attract more infestations
  • Recommendations on what issues should be given priority, including an outline of the trades and skills required to perform the repairs.
  • Estimates and figures on the repair works that could be undertaken to fix the problems

Ideally, maintenance inspections must be conducted every three to five years. In between those years, our inspectors can also monitor the problematic areas of the property to limit and control the damage. 

Maintenance inspections and reports


Other than repair works, our maintenance inspection report could also help property owners carry out a sufficient renovation plan.

Protect your investment. Contact EBI for more information on our maintenance inspections and reports service.

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