Exceptional pre-purchase building inspections understands the importance that you place in “relying upon the reports”.

Exceptional Building Inspections value our clients and see our duty as protecting your interests “in the decision making process” of purchasing a property.

The pre-purchase building report is:

  • “Only as good as the inspection” so our inspector will take the necessary time to carry out a thorough pre-purchase building inspections in order to provide a detailed pre-purchase building report. Our comprehensive checklist ensures that defects are noted and not missed.
  • Easy to read and  the major defects and safety issues associated with the property are identified.
  • Tailored to mirror what is at your property. Each report is unique. Our pre-purchase building reports are not generic reports (like our competitor’s) that clutter a report with unnecessary information that is not relevant to your property or they identify a defect and don’t make a recommendation to fully inform you. 
Pre Purchase Building Inspections and Reports
  • Accompanied with photos.
  • Detailed with descriptive information, to assist you in making the decision “to purchase” or “not to purchase” the property.
  • Complies with the Australian Standard AS 4349.1-2007 detailing the condition of the property after inspecting the following relevant areas:
    • Interior of the building
    • Exterior of the building
    • Sub-floor space
    • Roof space
    • The roof exterior
    • The property within 30m of the building.

Our valued reports have been used by pre-purchasers to “negotiate a settlement figure” that is compatible with both the vendor and the purchaser.

pre-purchase building inspections and pre-purchase building reports

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