A pre-purchase timber pest inspections shall include a non – invasive inspection to detect timber pests and damage.

Timber pests to be identified in this inspection include the following:

  • Subterranean Termites
  • Borers
  • Wood Decay Fungi.
Timber Pest Inspections and Timber Pest Inspections and reports

The purpose of the timber pest inspections are to determine if:

  • Timber pests are active at the property.
  • If Timber pests are not active on the day of the inspection is there evidence that visual damage has been caused by these timber pests in the past.

Should Building Inspectors Carry Out Timber Pest Inspections?

Hear what the largest provider of insurance to the Building Inspection and Timber Pest  Management Industries has to say on the subject.

“ Timber damage, even where it is  widespread, is not always apparent during a visual inspection. There is a significant difference in expertise and experience between  a builder who constructs or maintains buildings and a termite consultant who everyday has to deal with and manage termite related problems. Consequently, it is the view of RAPID Solutions Pty Ltd that building inspectors and consultants should not be performing timber pest inspections. It is in the Consumer’s interest to receive the best possible advice about the timber pest issues at a particular property, and on future management options. It is difficult to see how a builder who has never been involved in the direct management of termites can give appropriate advice”.

timber pest inspection and report

Where does Exceptional Building Inspections stand on this issue?

Exceptional Building Inspections arranges for an accredited and insured timber pest operator to carry out a timber pest inspection and timber pest reports on your behalf.

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