These reports detail obvious visible defects and are brought to the attention of the vendor.

Vendor inspections and reports are conducted at the bidding of either property owners or real estate agents who might be considering selling a home or building. Regardless of if the property is newly built or an old structure, the report will help maximise its price potential during a negotiation with a potential buyer. 

Vendor Inspections and Reports


Our vendor inspections and report will provide information that will help the owners or agents highlight the property’s best features, especially for new homes or buildings, to entice new owners. The detailed document will also help sort out issues and defects, whether it’s major or minor before the home or building is placed in the market.

In some cases, the report could also be given to prospective buyers to help save time during the negotiations or raise the property’s clearance rates at the auctions. The report might also be presented to buyers who might want to purchase the property as-is, but will need to review the costs of repairing its problematic areas, if any.

EBI provides this service to help owners and agents close the deals. Our reports are in accordance with the building inspection guidelines of the Australian Standard. Our documentation also complies with the requirements of the Fair Trading NSW when it comes to property transactions.

Vendor inspections and reports


Our team does everything expertly. Exceptional Building Inspections take a careful look at the exterior and interior of the property, gather data through photographs, and examine the structural integrity of each wall, floor, roof, ceilings, doors, gutters and frames. Exceptional Building Inspections also inspect the plumbing and electrical wiring, gas fitting, drainage, fire hazards and other safety concerns.

The report lists down following items:

  • Defects and safety hazards of the home or building
  • Workmanship
  • Compliance with the standards and specifications
  • Incomplete works, if applicable
  • Approval or certifications required before handing over the property

Exceptional Building Inspections can help you close that property’s sale today. Contact us to discuss this opportunity.

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