Summer is the Perfect Time for a Termite Inspection

Termites are incredibly persistent in destroying whatever wooden structure they infest, especially during summer. Just like the rest of the insect family, termites work hard to do what they must to survive in the sizzling climate. This, of course, is a huge nuisance to the home’s human inhabitants.

Still not convinced that it’s high time to consider a termite inspection? Read on to find out what makes the summer season the best time to schedule a termite inspection.

1. Termites are more active in the warmer months.

Summer is the Perfect Time for a Termite Inspection - Termite Inspection

When temperatures rise during spring and summer, along comes vegetation and added moisture. Termites are then more active in the warmer months, invading homes and feeding on the cellulose of wooden structures. They work 24 hours a day,7 days a week, until their supply of wood runs out. If you want to inspect your home for termites, the best time to do it is during the summer, when termites are more active. It is easier to detect any termite activity, as well as to take the necessary actions to get rid of these pests.

2. Termites go back down into the ground during the colder months.

The only times that termites stop their consumption of wood is when it runs out and when the temperature drops below freezing. When the weather gets colder, termites will use their series of tubes and tunnels. They will go back down into the ground, below the frost line. The termites will then take shelter until the weather starts getting warmer again. As such, inspecting your home during the colder months won’t yield much as the termites are then nested below the ground.

3. Termites live in vegetation and seek wood and mulch as a food source.

During spring and summer, flowers and vegetation are at their peak growth. Plants grow quickly and well as they are getting enough sunlight and moisture, and with it comes possible termite infestation.

Swarms of insects are most alive during these warm months, so it’s the perfect time for an inspection. They can invade your home at any time. But, it may be best to check where there is any good supply of vegetation, wood, or mulch for them to feed on.

4. Termites are attracted to and depend on water and moisture for survival.

As water and moisture are essential for the survival of termites, they may peak during months filled with dew and rain. After the spring season, and the rainy showers that come along with it, wood can absorb more water and moisture as usual. Termites are more attracted to wooden structures that have moisture. During termite inspection, parts of the home that collect rainwater are more susceptible to termite infestation.

5. The most significant damage can be seen during their peak season.

Summer is the Perfect Time for a Termite Inspection - Termite Inspection

Not only does termite activity increase during the warmer months, their population grows as well. A population boom of termites will definitely leave significant damage due to more termites feeding on the house’s wooden structures. When the swarm emerges during summer, they may also spread and start looking for other locations to start more colonies. During their peak season, it’s also easier to check for any presence of termites and eliminate them when found.

Book a termite inspection as soon as possible!

Termites are a problem that can be easily detected and solved during the proper seasons. With proper inspection, detection, and maintenance, termite infestation would be a thing of the past.

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