The Difference Between a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection and a Building and Pest Inspection

Get a thorough assessment of the property and determine its actual condition.

Have you finally decided to buy the property you have been eyeing for months? Property buying can be extremely stressful, not to mention time-consuming. Now that you have decided, hold on a bit longer – before finally signing the papers, know the property’s actual condition by getting a pre purchase building inspection done.

On the other hand, consider having a building and pest inspection if you already have an existing property. Only qualified building inspectors can detect defects and issues in a building.

What is a pre-purchase building and pest inspection?

What is a pre-purchase building inspection?

A new home or property is one of the most expensive things you will ever spend on. Because of this, you want to reassure yourself that what you buy is worth its value.

Pre-inspection can help guarantee that you will not be spending on repairs afterwards for failing to check the property beforehand. It likewise gives you peace of mind. Through pre-inspection, you know that you get your money’s worth with the property that you will purchase.

What is done during pre-inspection?

Building inspectors conduct a visual and physical examination of the property during pre-inspection. Inspectors check for building defects such as wall cracks, roof damage, and safety hazards. If repairs have to be made, the inspector determines the extent of repairs required. The observations and findings of the inspector are documented in a pre-purchase building inspection report.

Before the formal or official inspection by the state, it is highly recommended to have a pre-inspection conducted. This step is a must for those who are buying properties. Pre-purchase inspection allows buyers like you to make informed decisions about the property before purchasing it. Through the inspection report, you can make smart financial decisions as to whether to proceed with buying the property, re-negotiate its purchase price, or back out in case of major defects.

Is pre-purchase building inspection different from a building and pest inspection?

Building and pest inspection can be done anytime, even after you have purchased the property. The pre-purchase inspection’s main purpose is to allow buyers to make informed choices before proceeding with the sale. In addition, building and pest inspection is done for owners to determine if their properties are still safe for occupation.

Building and pest inspection also determines pest problems in the property, if any. Pests are a serious problem in any property and cannot be removed easily. Therefore, if you see signs of pest infestation in your building, it is best to have it checked by professionals. This will help address the pest problem promptly and effectively.

Even after you have already purchased the building, you can have it inspected for defects and pests by a qualified building inspector. The best time to have a property checked for defects and pests is when the problem is not there yet.

Building and pest inspection looks at the structural safety of the building and determines pest issues, past or present. Termites, cockroaches, rats, and other pests can definitely cost thousands of dollars’ worth of repair to your building. Worse, they pose health and safety risks. Building and pest inspection services can determine the root of the problem and stop pests from spreading.

What is checked during building and pest inspection?

Like a pre-purchase inspection, during building and pest inspection, the inspector examines the overall structure and determines the property’ condition. As a property owner, you will know if pests are living among humans in the building. You will also determine if there are structural defects that can endanger the lives of the building occupants.

Building and pest inspection covers both internal and external parts of the house or building, including the roof. Whether it’s a pre-purchase inspection or not, some of the areas checked during the inspection include the following:

  • Exterior and interior of the property
  • Roof space
  • Roof exterior
  • Under-floor space
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical wiring
  • Walls and foundations
  • Site

Site inspection covers areas such as the garage, garden shed, carport, laundry and toilet, small retaining walls, paths and driveways, steps and fencing, surface water drainage, and stormwater run-off. Make sure that you are present during the site inspection. If you want to request other areas for checking, you can specifically inform the inspector which area you want to include in the assessment.

Reporting the findings

Reporting the findings

After inspection, you should receive a pre-purchase or a building inspection report. Both are written accounts of the condition of the property. In the case of a pre-purchase inspection, the report details the structural integrity and safety features of the building you intend to buy. The report will allow you to decide whether to continue with the purchase, re-negotiate the price, or refuse to price the property.

Inspection reports should comply with Australian standards. It should state the existing condition of the property on the date and time of inspection. All safe and accessible areas should be included in the inspection and report.

Through the report, you should determine whether the building is suitable for living and occupation. Through the report, you take action to remedy the defects in the building. At the same time, it should give you a better idea of the financial aspect of the possible repairs that might be necessary in the future.

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