Tips on Selecting an Appropriate Building Inspection Company.

Finding an appropriate building inspector can be a time and money saver for both property buyers and sellers, and while many companies offer this service, not all inspectors are qualified and up to the task. Choosing the right inspector, therefore, is crucial since properties are huge investments that come with bigger risks and headaches, if these are not appraised accurately.

Here are some tips on selecting an appropriate building inspector:

1.      Experience matters

Consider not just how long the building inspection company has been in business, but how many inspections it conducts every year. Ten years in the industry doesn’t immediately equate to 10 years of experience in home inspection, specifically.
Experienced inspectors should also be familiar with common problems in the locality, such as flooding, ground saturation and termites. The expert must also be aware of the Australian Standards for building inspections.

2.      Know the qualifications of the company’s inspectors

Apart from training certifications and professional affiliations, consider the company’s reputation as well. Read about reviews and testimonials reflecting the service the company has rendered, or better yet, ask for feedback or recommendations about the company from people you know.

Check out the qualifications and experience of the building consultant that heads Exceptional Building Inspections.

3.      Ask about tools and equipment

Qualified and experienced inspectors use a variety of tools to carry out the job. Using updated technologies allows credible building inspection companies to provide the best service to its clients.

4.      Evaluate the quality of the report

Ideally, qualified inspectors turn over a comprehensive report a day after the inspection. It must itemise all elements inspected and include major and minor defects. It must also have the inspector’s recommendations on fixing the problems.

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Below is checklist that further details the qualifications of an inspector from Exceptional Building Inspections:

Are the inspectors qualified?YES?
Does the building inspector have the experience?YES?
Does the inspector spend 1-2 hours carrying out a Pre Purchase Building Inspection at the property?YES?
Does the Building Consultant only carry out the building inspection. Does a separate timber pest management company (with the expertise) carry out the timber pest inspection instead of the building inspector trying to do both?YES?
Does the companies involved in carrying out the inspections have an insurance “Certificate of Currency” for both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance?YES?
Does the company provide a unique report removing all the generic information that is nor relevant to the property?YES?
Does the building report make recommendations regarding the defects?YES?
Does the inspector provide consultation with the purchaser after they receive the report?YES?