Why Get a Pool Inspection for Summer?

Make sure your pool is safe and ready for summer.

A pool inspection for summer is vital for your home. Whether you want to sell your home or keep it safe, a professional inspector can help.

A pool can be a major source of anxiety for both residential and commercial owners alike. Due to many requirements and standards, a pool should be as safe and pristine as possible.

A pool inspection can give you the peace of mind you want. A thorough inspection from professionals can help see what else your pool needs to stay safe.

Working with Swimming Pool Inspectors

Working with Swimming Pool Inspectors

Pool inspectors are never your enemies. They’re there not to criticise the construction of your pool or give you pointers that lead to costly repairs.

Pool inspections help find any potential problems in your pool and spa. Inspectors can confirm that you have the proper installations to keep the pool safe and in working condition.

Before diving into your pool for the summer, it’s best to have an inspector give it a look. Don’t fool yourself with what seems to be a pool in its pristine appearance.

Looks can be deceiving, and you may not know the issues your pool may have.

Receiving the Pool Inspection Report

Receiving the Pool Inspection Report

When you receive a pool inspection report, a good inspector will provide a thorough checklist of everything they worked on.

A summer pool inspection should have a detailed description of what they observed. It should also include a suggestion on how to correct the problem at hand.

Why is this important?

Some inspectors don’t do their job properly. Others only skim through potential issues and check specifics in a safety checklist.

A professional inspector will go into the nitty-gritty of the problems they see on your pool. They will dig deep into your issues, and what’s their potential cause.

You also want your pool inspector to have a conversation with you when they finish. It’s crucial to learn something from an inspection, especially about potential ways to improve pool safety. 

Make sure to do some research. An expert pool inspector is worth the investment. They will save you lots of money down the line from potential hazards and fines.

What Do Pool Inspectors Check?

What Do Pool Inspectors Check?

Your pool inspector will work like a detective for pool problems, investigating the source for your issues. Inspectors will come with an arsenal of tools and encyclopaedic knowledge of pool regulations.

Inspectors start with the basics first, then move towards the details. They’ll identify:

  • Pool size
  • Type of pool materials used
  • Age and manufacturing
  • Pool depth
  • Safety barriers

The inspector will do a visual inspection around the area of the swimming pool and the pool itself. They will check potential issues first, including structural integrity and cracks on the surface.

Inspectors will look at the railings, ladders, diving boards, and even the pool steps. They will further look at the inner workings of your pool.

Expect them to look at your cleaning systems and how they function. Plumbing, pool exterior & interior finish, and other electrical circuits will also be a part of the checklist.

Checking Your Pool Environment

Checking Your Pool Environment

Many pool owners get a problem with their pool inspection from their pool surroundings. Your pool can look good and brand new, everything around it should look safe to use too.

Cracks in the deck and walkways could indicate that the pool is settling. When a pool settles, it adjusts according to the expansion of materials around it. Dirt, concrete, and other materials can create this problem.

Cracks are also tripping hazards, especially for children. A deep enough crack on wet pool surfaces can cause untoward injury to swimmers and passers-by alike. 

Another common issue are incorrectly installed skimmer lids. These can similarly cause trips and injuries.

Safety Codes, Regulations and Compliance

When it comes to your pool, your inspector will prioritise safety checks first. Depending on where you live, your locale will have different codes and regulations.

For example, Australia’s AS1926 requires all pool fences to be 1200 mm in height, with a gap of 100mm or less between panels. They also require pool fences to have no climbable objects within 900mm of the pool fencing.

These standards are crucial to keeping the people using your pool safe and secure. Your pool inspector should be aware of the differences in every state because they need to know the specific standards to comply with.

Pool inspectors will also teach you about potential standards for operational inspections. Loose or missing water drain covers are common problems.

What You Can Do

What You Can Do

Now that you know the specifics of a summer pool inspection, what can you do from your side? What things can you do to avoid potential surprises?

For starters, conduct a quick pre-inspection for your pool. Look for areas where cracks and breaks occur in and around your pool. Take them into account and list them down.

Inspect various safety barriers and railings around your pool to find any loose connections. Tighten ladders and handrails to confirm everything is in working order.

Examine the landscape and the fencing to make sure you have complied with the relevant rules. Check your plumbing and your pool equipment and test if they’re in working order.

A common safety infraction is a disorderly pump room, as well as unused hot water valves.

At the end of the day, knowing your regulations can help you save money. A pool inspector can educate you if there are any regulations that you’re unknowingly violating.

If You Find Problems on Your Pool

If You Find Problems on Your Pool

If there are problems with your pool, don’t panic. It’s best to work with your pool inspector and ask how to correct the issues. Work with pool construction experts to help you install what you need.

It’s best to comply with the findings of the inspection as soon as possible. Correcting as many issues as possible can help you save money.

Get a Pool Inspection for Summer Now

A pool inspection for summer can be a vital job. Whether it’s for residential or commercial pools, keep your poolside safe and compliant to standards. It is essential in saving you time, money, and ultimately, keep your loved ones safe.

A pool inspection will also help keep the value of your home. If you’re in the market to sell your house, the final price can come down to your pool and residence being compliant with standards.

Are you ready to make your pool safe this summer? Talk to pool inspection experts and get their opinion today.