Why You Need Inspections for Your Building Maintenance

5 practical reasons to have a building maintenance inspection done.

Many building owners dismiss the idea of routine inspections, and it is easy to see why. At first glance, these building inspections may seem repetitive and unnecessary. It appears to these building owners that one initial inspection report is enough to prove that the building is in its best condition. However, just like other built structures, even the finest buildings degrade over time without proper building maintenance. The easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way to maintain your building is to conduct building inspections.

Building maintenance inspections are a specific type of property inspection that need to be routinely conducted. They involve visual inspections of the building and its structures, most especially the parts that get frequently damaged. Once the inspection is complete, the building inspectors will prepare a report. These building inspection reports contain sufficient information to give you an idea of your building’s current condition.

5 Reasons you need Building Maintenance Inspections

Let’s say you hired a building maintenance inspector and you have the results. What, then, are you supposed to do with the information? Here are five reasons why you need these inspections and the inspection reports for your building maintenance.

Prevent major building damage before they it happens

1. Prevent major building damage before they it happens

Most building damage, if not all, does not happen in a single snap. Building damage starts small and then accumulates over time. It begins as tiny cracks that you can barely notice. If you let these cracks go unnoticed, you are only allowing them to grow until it is too late. Only the skill of an expert building inspector can best inspect these minor damages.

With a building maintenance inspection, you will have a good idea of where these minor cracks and damage usually are. You will also know how serious they are and how urgent they need to be taken care of. This way, you can have them repaired early on, saving you the trouble of facing significant building damage in the future.

Get an idea on what services or further inspections you need

2. Get an idea on what services or further inspections you need

As mentioned above, routine building inspections for maintenance mainly involve visual inspections of the building. They touch on all aspects of building inspections, including structural inspections and pest and termite inspections. They also include other vital checks of prevention against various hazards such as fire and earthquake resistance.

Sometimes, further and more specific inspections are required following the maintenance inspection. These often happen when there is serious damage that needs to be addressed. Thanks to this routine building maintenance inspections, you can get the right repairs or replacement services.

Reduce cost and expenses for building repairs

3. Reduce cost and expenses for building repairs

Building repairs can get quite costly. This fact is especially true if the damage to the building are massive. Replacements of damaged parts are even worse. You have to hire people to do the repairs, purchase the required material, and spend your time and money on something that could have been prevented in the first place.

What then is the best way to reduce these costs and save you from trouble? We recommend frequent building maintenance inspections. As experts say in the health sciences, prevention is better than cure. This idea also applies to building inspections. By having regular maintenance and solving minor problems as soon as you are aware of them, you spend less on costly repairs in the long term.

Maintain the building standards

4. Maintain the building standards

The mere fact that you initially had your building inspected means that you comply with the Australian Standard (AS 4349.1). That is the standard set by the government so that all properties are generally equally sturdy.

These standards should be met throughout the building’s lifespan for as long as it is used. Without building maintenance, these standards are impossible to maintain. Imagine what could happen if you work or live in a rotting and substandard building.

Building maintenance alone is not enough to uphold the quality of your building.

To help with the efficiency of building maintenance, building inspections are essential. Building maintenance is the hand that keeps the building in its prime condition, building inspections serve as the eye that sees which problem needs attention. These two go hand in hand in keeping up your building’s structural integrity.

Appraise the value of your building and property

5. Appraise the value of your building and property

As a business-minded building owner, you might be looking to rent or sell your property. Doing this can help you financially. In doing this, you would want to have your building inspected before renting or selling to potential clients. With the building inspection report, you can prove that your building is not just habitable, but also the best one in town. After all, who would want to live or work in an unmaintained building?

Because a building maintenance inspection report gives you specific and current information about your building, you may use this as evidence of its value. If specific issues become evident in the report, you may address them as soon as you can. Doing so would improve the value of your property, as would be evident in your next building inspection.

Hire exceptional building maintenance inspectors in NSW!

Hire exceptional building maintenance inspectors in NSW!

Are you undergoing routine inspections of your buildings? If not, then you should hire only the exceptional. At Exceptional Building Inspections (EBI), we are a team of dedicated building inspectors. EBI ensures the safety and security of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces by conducting meticulous building inspections, and this includes maintenance inspections.

We have established a reputation for attention to detail and strict adherence to Australian Standards. As such, you can expect a thorough report on potential threats, limitations, and areas of non-compliance in your property. Specifically, we can make comprehensive maintenance inspection reports for your building.

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